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 products_sold_03.jpg $300 tax credit for Wood Products  There is a tax credit available to you for up to $300. Please visit this site for more information. This is a program that is consumer driven, the dealer does not turn in any paper work. See your accountant to make sure you qualify. read more >>
 products_sold_06.jpg Gas Fireplaces  Fireplace Distributors has over 15 gas fireplaces on display to meet your needs. Gas direct vent fireplaces offer a very realistic looking fire that allows you to use a remote control to turn the flame off and on. Direct vents use 100% outside air and are heater ratings.  read more >>
 products_sold_08.jpg Gas Inserts  Fireplace Distributors has 2 gas inserts for you to view. We invite you into the showroom to see and feel how a direct vent gas insert works. Allow FDI to install an AFUE rated gas insert that will turn your existing non-functional wood fireplace into a true heater that uses no room. This means no air leaves your home with a gas direct vent insert. read more >>
 products_sold_10.jpg Wood Burning Fireplaces  Fireplace Distributors has 2 high efficiency wood units burning during the selling season. Please come in and see how a wood fireplace uses 100% outside air. The days of allowing room air up your chimney while burning wood are gone! read more >>
 products_sold_12.jpg Wood Burning Stoves  Fireplace Distributors sells Vermont Castings, Lopi and Quadrafire wood stoves. FDI installs stoves into new homes and existings homes. Allow Fireplace Distributors to help you with the selection of your stove. read more >>
 Untitled-1_03.jpg Wood Burning Wood Inserts  Fireplace Distributors builds a fire every day during the burn season so that you can feel and see the amount of heat an insert can produce. FDI can make your unefficient wood fireplace into true room heater that lessen the amount of room air that goes up your chimney. read more >>
 Untitled-1_06.jpg Glass Doors , Screens, & Wood Basket Grates  Fireplace Distributors can add glass doors to your wood burning fireplace to keep more air in your home when not using the fireplace. You can choose from 6 working displays in our showroom. FDI also sells replacement fire screens and wood basket grates. read more >>
 Untitled-1_08.jpg Vented Gas logs  Fireplace Distributors offers 5 vented log sets that will have you guessing if they are really wood burning fires! Come to our showroom and see how you can use a reomote control to turn your flame off and on!! read more >>
 Untitled-1_10.jpg Chimney Tops  Fireplace Distributors can replace your existing chimney top with a new chase cover made off copper, stainless steel, or metal. Fireplace Distributors offers many chimney tops to meet all your needs. If you are trying to improve your look or trying to replace an old and ugly chimney top, then give FDI a call! read more >>
 Untitled-1_12.jpg Electric fireplaces and log sets  Fireplace Distributors has 5 electric fireplaces plugged in at our showroom. With brands like Heat-N-Glo and Dimplex, we feel that we can meet your electric needs. FDI offers electric fireplaces with cabinetry, and individual log sets that goes into your existing fireplace. read more >>
 Untitled-1_14.jpg Lava Heat Patio Heaters  Lava Heat is constructed and manufactured with the highest quality parts and by some of the world’s most brilliant engineers. We wanted to beat the competition flat-out, by providing our loyal clientele a magnificent outdoor heater that is intelligently functional, beautifully designed, and affordably priced for all. Using real-flame technology, Lava Heat Italia provides radiant heating that is significantly stronger than the coverage given by typical and outdated "old mushroom style" heaters. Its unique and innovative architecture creates an attractive visual style that brightens and enriches any setting, at any time of the day, all year round. Lava Heaters were built to produce and project positive energy by creating added value within the locations it dwells in. read more >>
 products_sold.jpg Vent Free gas logs/Fireplaces  Come into Fireplace Distributors to be educated on vent free logs and fireplace systems. Fireplace Distributors has 5 sets on display for you to learn about this unigue product. read more >>


Glass Doors , Screens, & Wood Basket Grates

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